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acid dr0p's Software
 Name Description
aciddr0p.net Color Grab This grabs the hex code, VB code, RGB and HTML color code of any color you put your mouse over. Good for GUI designers, I use it myself now. Feel free to Submit suggestions.
aciddr0p.net Googler Beta This is kind of a sick program too if you Google as much as I do. Opens default in the bottom right corner of your screen with about 60% transparency (adjustable). This tiny interface allows you to easily search a Google string and have it open in your default browser. Keeping it on top of all applications is optional. No fucking idea why this comes up as infected, there's nothing suspicious in the code that I can see, SLASH reset does the same thing and all that did was go to a webpage to reset your password.

Copyright [C] 2009  aciddr0p   mat aka slash